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Hello! We’re inTech Dynamics! Nice to meet you!

Put simply, inTech Dynamics is a Digital Marketing agency in Timisoara, Romania. Created out of sheer passion for the Digital Era, we focus on cutting-edge web development solutions and seamless B2B services geared towards the North American Market. Our services are meant to make our clients attract, convert and retain their customers through websites that are flawlessly built and optimized for the best user experience.

Devoted Professionals

Here, at inTech Dynamics, we believe in providing top-notch Digital Marketing services that meet (and exceed) our clients’ digital marketing needs. A team structured to deliver high-performance and fierceness with every project, we are ready to always go the extra mile for the ones we work with.

A Medley of Services

inTech Dynamics provides a wide range of services catered to our clients’ needs. From web development and quality assurance to management, business consulting and content writing and curation, we can handle a diverse range of projects aimed towards the same common goal: helping our North American clients meet their digitalization needs.

Digital Addicts

Every minute spent at inTech Dynamics is precious. We are digital addicts able to come up with brand new ideas, to materialize our clients’ needs and to push their businesses out in the digital world. More than anything though, we are a team of true professionals in love with our jobs – and this transpires in everything we do.

  • Keen eye for detail

  • Handcraft Content

  • Web developers

  • SEO-oriented content

  • Standardized management



Whatever your digital marketing needs may be – our combined services are the answer.
Focus areas:

Quality Assurance

We deliver nothing less than perfection – and our QA pros are here to make sure this is possible. We carefully analyze every pixelated detail on the screen to be absolutely certain our projects are delivered in excellent shape.

Web Development

Our team is ready to provide clients with innovative web development services meant to not only look great, but also offer the needed results. Always up-to-date and always seeking for the best solutions, our developers are here to assist clients in creating websites that are flawless from all points of view. We use WordPress and Drupal as well as we custom build Landing Pages to obtain our goals.

Content creation, curating & audit

Our content writing team is the creative brain behind our clients’ digital needs. We deal with both custom and SEO-oriented content to ensure our clients are delivered with the carefully-chosen words that help them sell more. In addition to this, we also offer content curation services meant to enrich our websites and offer readers the best and most interesting bits of news in the digital world.

Custom Software Development

Upon request, our team is also ready to develop business software meant to ease our clients’ work and make their businesses more productive and profitable. Attentive and ground-breaking, our software development solutions are there to aid clients in achieving their business goals.


Our projects are always delivered according to the highest standards. And we always deliver the very best, in the shortest amount of time humanly possible. To be 100% true to our quality guarantees, we use agile resource management methodologies designed to increase our productivity and to provide clients with the very best results.

Business Consulting

Our experience in the vast fields of web development and digital marketing enables us to offer outcome-oriented business consulting services. Planning, business logic and estimations, timelines, milestones, agile planning, resource distribution, risk assessment, technology consulting – you name it and we can find optimal solutions for our clients’ business development needs.






Do you want to be one of us?

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If you are interested, please contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 0722 292 956


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